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on the Human Exploration of Space
Astro Info Service Limited
Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
Company No.4865911
E & OE
About Us
On these pages, you can learn about the company, our services and its founder, space historian Dave Shayler FBIS (Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society).

You will also find a list of our published articles and books since 1977, while below is an explanation of the design of our company logo.
This emblem was originally designed in 1982 by Dave Shayler and was later updated to celebrate our 20th anniversary and the launch of our website. It depicts a laptop in orbit (replacing the original typewriter) to represent a space writer above the Earth. The blue colour of the emblem represents our blue planet, while the orientation of the Earth image depicts the western hemisphere and the UK, the home of AIS. The white printer paper is a link to the past and forms a launch contrail to the NASA astronaut emblem signifying human space flight. The yellow colour in the emblem represents the gold pin which is awarded to astronauts after making their first space flight.
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