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Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
Company No.4865911
Zenit background
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The original AIS news magazine on the Soviet Space Programme
Zenit was published by Astro Info Service from June 1985 through December  1992.  A total of 64 issues with 2 additional supplements.

The purpose of the magazine was to collect and distribute the latest information and historical revelations on the Soviet space programme.  Zenit was distributed during the time of great changes within the Soviet Union and at the beginning of global expansion of the internet access and the growth of the World Wide Web.  These new developments afforded the opportunity to react quickly to the latest news and review aspects of space history previously unavailable  in the West.

Zenit was created by a small group of enthusiasts who volunteered their tie and knowledge to produce a magazine which grew in popularity and authenticity.  Central to each issue was the dedicated editorship of Neville Kidger who devoted many hours of his limited free time to produce not only Zenit, but also contribute each month  to the British Interplanetary Society magazine Spaceflight as well as holding down a full time job. Contributions to the magazine came from across the world and provided informative accounts, not only of current operations, but also re-visiting historic events and projecting the aims of the Soviet Space programme in the coming years,.  Leading contributors included Phil Clark, Rex Hall, Brian Harvey,James Oberg and Andy Salmon just to name a few
Issue 1-22
June 1985 - December 1988
Issue 23-34
January 1989-December 1989
Issues 35-64
January 1990-December 1992

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