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Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
Company No.4865911
STS-3 Features audio extracts from the third space shuttle mission (march 22-30 1982) flown by Commander Jack Lousma and Pilot Gordon Fullerton.
Track One run time 30.24
1 - T-1:30 to loss of signal
2 - Doors open. 'Sun's coming up'
3 - Go for orbit
4 - Wake up music 'On the road again'
5 - Lousma and Fullerton report on night noises, window condensation, particles around stabilizer missing tiles and cabin  temperatures 
6 - Lousma describes electrophoresis experiment
7 - Report on missing tiles situation by Houston
8 - Evaluation of visual acuity from the Shuttle's orbit
9 - Bees, moths and flies in a gravity free environment: high school student's experiment described by Lousma during TV pass

Track Two run time 29.09
10 - First RMS (Remote Manipulator System) grapple and PDP (plasma Diagnostic Package) activity explanation
11 - Fullerton evaluates RMS
12 - Description of Columbia and contents from cabin rear window
13 - PDP- and other experiments: further report
14 - Both astronauts report impressions of launch
15 - John Young reports on adverse conditions at New Mexico landing  site.  Columbia's return postponed
16 - Landing site comment by Columbia crew
17 - Wake up - last day
18 - Report on winds and weather
19 - De-orbit burn
20 - Post black out period to wheels stop
STS-3 Mission Data
Launched: 22 March 1982
Landed: 20 March 1982
Duration: 8 days, 0 hours, 4 minutes and 46 seconds
Sequence: 3rd Shuttle Mission :  3rd Columbia (OV-102) Mission
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