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very good book

By Brian Harvey
Spaceflight Vol. 59 No. 12 December 2017

This book traces the origin of the Shuttle as builder of the space station to NASA's early ideas during the Apollo programme.  What is much less well known is the plan for the Shuttle to fly to the Soviet space station Salyut and indeed to America's own Skylab in the 1970's.  The author traces the project for the Shuttle to fly to the Us Freedom space station, followed by its unexpected role of flying up to the Russian Mir space station, which is the focus of the rest of the book.

Rather than describe this in chronological sequence, Shayler examines the Shuttle-Mir period by mission sequence: the equipment, hardware and facilities involved (putting it all together), the astronauts and crewing (the human element) and the key stages of each mission from launch to landing (getting there, the docked phase and getting back)

This is a much better way to unpack a complex process and set of activities and events.  He describes in detail little-known but important parts of the missions, such as how equipment is moved around, the centre of mass kept and the vital role of loadmasters.
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