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Reviews: Assembling and Supplying the ISS
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ByJoseph A. Tanner Jr.on 20 September 2017 - Published on
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Very informative book on the space station and shuttle.

By Brian Harvey
Published in Spaceflight Vol. 59 No. 12 December 2017
Assembling and Supplying the ISS, is the account of the 37 construction missions flown between 1998 and 2011, interrupted by the loss of Columbia.  Shayler takes a similar approach of describing the key stages of the operation - astronauts and training the different modules, equipment, trusses and solar panels; mission control; the docking profile; landing, carriers and pallets; the  use of the remote arm; the extensive amount of spacewalking required inn construction; undocking and return.

There is a section which he calls the What if?  Factor - describing the various plans to deal with emergency or contingency situations.

The period of construction 1998  -  2011, was the most critical stage in the ISS story, one where the Shuttle achieved its true vocation as  a builder of space stations.  David Shayler has done us a service by capturing this period so  comprehensively, informatively and readably while the documentation and people involved were still ready to hand.  The operational period after 2011, dominated by Russian and commercial resupply, is the next challenge.