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Apollo 14

Apollo 14 flown in early 1971 was originally planned to land at Taurus Littrow in the summer of 1970 but was diverted to Fra Mauro by the aborted Apollo 13 mission. The Taurus Littrow region was finally reached by the last Apollo mission in 1972.  Apollo14 astronaut Al Shepard and Ed Mitchell spend two days exploring the moon on foot whist Stu Roosa conducted an extensive photography survey from orbit to help determine the final landing site of the remaining Apollo missions to be finalised. The crew were originally assigned to fly Apollo 13 but only Shepard hade any spaceflight experience, and only 15 minutes a decade before. Therefore they were exchanged with the Jim Lovell crew who took Apollo 13, whist the Shepard trio were able to miss the fate of that mission and utilise the extended training time to complete their own successful flight.
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